Slotted Angle Racks Manufacturer in India - Storack Solutions

Storack Slotted angle racks is the simplest storage solutions ever made for manual storage of light goods. Its height and level can be easily expanded or contracted. It contains of perforated angles and shelves than are bolted together.

Height(mm) Width(mm) Depth(mm) Load(kg)
2100 1000 400 100
2100 1000 600 100
2400 1000 400 100
2400 600 600 100
2400 600 600 100
Features Users
Easy Self Assembly. Logistics Companies
Provide clear access from all sides Workshops
Shelves are adjustable at the pitch of 18.5mm. Warehousing
Finished in attractive colors. Stores
Customized sizes can also be made Offices
Very Economical pricing. Shop
Both closed type and Open type Slotted angle racks available Library
Anti Rust Protection. Hospitals


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