Drive-In Racking System Manufacturer and Supplier in India
Drive-In Racking System Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Drive in Racking System Manufacturer in India

Drive-in racking system is a type of high-density storage system that allows forklifts to drive directly into the storage lanes to retrieve and store pallets. It is ideal for storing large quantities of the same type of product that is not time-sensitive, as it maximizes storage space by eliminating aisles between racks.

Some of the key features of drive-in racking system include:

1. First-in, last-out (FILO) storage method, which means the last pallet to be stored is the first to be retrieved.

2. Suitable for storing a high volume of pallets with minimal product differentiation.

3. Requires fewer aisles, thus increasing storage density.

4. Ideal for cold storage and freezer applications as it maximizes the use of available space.

5. Typically designed for low turnover inventory, such as seasonal items or slow-moving products.

6. Requires specialized forklifts to operate in the racking system and drive-in and out of the lanes safely.