Narrow Aisle Racking System Manufacturers India
Narrow Aisle Racking System Manufacturers India

Narrow Aisle Racking Manufacturer in India

Narrow aisle racking system is a type of high-density storage solution that maximizes warehouse space utilization by reducing aisle widths and using taller racking structures. This design allows for the storage of a larger quantity of goods within the same floor space, making it ideal for warehouses with limited space.

The key features of a narrow aisle racking system include:

1. Narrow aisle width: The aisle width in this type of racking system is reduced to a minimum of 1.8 meters, which allows for more storage space.

2. Increased storage capacity: By reducing aisle width, a narrow aisle racking system can increase the storage capacity of a warehouse by up to 50%.

3. Increased picking efficiency: The use of specialized forklifts and picking equipment designed for narrow aisles allows for faster and more efficient picking.

4. Improved inventory control: Narrow aisle racking systems allow for better inventory control and tracking, as items are stored in a more organized and accessible manner.

5. Enhanced safety features: Narrow aisle racking systems are equipped with various safety features, including anti-collapse mesh and aisle guide rails, to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment.