The Environment

The Statement that ”Green Business is Good Business” is a worthwhile statement for STORACK SOLUTIONS. This refers to the practice used by Storack Solutions, Where customers, employee & their surroundings community as well as the environment is protected. A green business often tend to be considerate of all the factors of productions. It considers the customers, their ability to buy the tailored product, the conditions that the employees undergo while making the product,


the impact that the production of the production has in the community as well as the measures taken to improve the environment or at least make sure that the processes involved do not at leas spoil the environment. Because of danger those future generations are exposed to due to global warming and pollution that has now reached alarming levels this paper argues that government should encourage the use and purchase or hybrid icicles recognized by environmental bodies as well as the government as environmental friendly and fuel efficient in all kinds of motors sports.

"Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution"

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